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Study of the Physical Properties of a Clay-Typha Composite Agro-Material

This work focuses on the study of the physical properties of an innovative clay-Typha composite agro-material. The clay was taken in southern Benin from the sites of Dangbo and Houéyogbé, the Typha "Domengensis" from southern Benin invading our lagoons, and lake environments in general was used to solve an ecosystem problem and the balance social. This article aims as the general objective to determine the density, the humidity rate, and the water content of this eco-material obtained from Typha taken in a clay matrix. Thus, using the appropriate conventional methods, the physical parameters mentioned were measured. The analysis of the results obtained clearly show that the density of the samples increases according to the rate of the binder, the determination of the water absorption coefficient is affected by the presence of the clay matrix in the composite and that the rate of humidity increases according to the grain size class of typha fibers. These experimental tests are the harbinger of more in-depth work in the field of thermal comfort of the habital, in order to better understand and improve these agro-bricks.

Typha "Domengensis", Clay, Agro-Material, Composite, Physical Properties

Jacob Vidjinnangni Noudeyonou, Elisabeth Akoivi Allognon-Houessou, Henri Wilfried Hounkpatin, Basile Bruno Kounouhewa. (2023). Study of the Physical Properties of a Clay-Typha Composite Agro-Material. International Journal of Sustainable and Green Energy, 12(1), 1-5.

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