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Adaptation and Performance Evaluation of Updraft Biomass Gasifier Stove with Sawdust as Fuel

This study aims to adapt and evaluate an updraft biomass gasifier stove using sawdust biomass. It was a cylindrical gasifier having a diameter of 32.5cm*40cm height and a rectangular box-like base that served as a set and had a primary air hole of 20cm*6cm sliding type door. Fuels made from renewable biomass might easily take the place of fossil fuels in a variety of energy-using applications with favorable environmental effects. Gasification is a method of converting biomass energy into a fuel that potentially replace fossil fuels in the production of high-efficiency electricity. The future of energy is looking promising for biomass energy as one of the most important renewable energy sources. This work has been carried out to adapt, construct, and test an applicable biomass gasifier stove. This is for producing producer gas from locally available biomass fuel. The gasifier was constructed and tested on Water Boiling Test (WBT). The test was run using sawdust as feeding fuel. Various factors, including primary and secondary air inlets, operation, fuel type, and manufacturing materials and techniques, were presented and assessed. The updraft gasifier stove was evaluated at a biomass feeding rate of 0.5kg per batch. The results obtained from this study show a combustion efficiency of 84.2% and a thermal efficiency of 30.6% respectively. Therefore, the outcome could offer contemporary energy services for necessities and useful uses.

Ash, Biomass Fuels, Construction, Fuel Efficiency, Gasification, Updraft Gasifier

Duresa Tesfaye, Gemechis Midaksa, Usman Kedir. (2023). Adaptation and Performance Evaluation of Updraft Biomass Gasifier Stove with Sawdust as Fuel. International Journal of Sustainable and Green Energy, 12(2), 21-28.

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